panic stingers [mp3, 3.5]

is this how it feels to be running away from yourself
faster than you can keep up? i don't know. do you?

somewhere leftfield of The Chordettes, somewhere right
of bedlham.

the drums and orgel sounds are provided by the qy70 with a
echo added via the built in effects.

the bass section is supplied by a ys200 and a korg sigma
played in unison. these sounds were recorded live over the
pitch bent drums.

the korg sigma also produces the main lead part hard in the
1st half of the song. this makes extensive use of live
control of the ring modulator on the sigma. it is then
fed through a lexicon mpx500d to add delay.

the pitch bend effect was created by pitch shifting the raw
qy drums and also by halving the tempo on the qy and pitching
down all channels by an octave. a combination of these was
required for live recording.

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